Wax paper

Items Description:
Wax paper is paper that has been coated with a soybean-based or parafin wax in order to become non-stick and resistant to changes in moisture. It helps to keep water in or out, so juicy foods stay moist and crunchy foods don’t get soggy. As a result, wax paper is excellent for both storing and presenting food.
Made of food-grade material that assures hygiene and safety. It can be used for packing hamburgers, sandwiches, breads or some other items. You can also use it in a afternoon tea basket to avoid oil. It can be cut into smaller size, use it to wrap the DIY pastry and dessert, it's very beautiful and make it looks professional.

Wax paper can be used for freezing. Fold the paper to wrap fruits and vegetables, or use pre-cut sheets as barriers between stacked cuts of meat.
Size 4.75 inches length x 5 inches width is Designed for preparing meat patties for grilling or freezing to prevent sticking and easy separation.

. The use of food-grade raw paper and food wax, with direct access to food
. Good tightness, with oil-proof, water-proof, anti-sticking characteristics
. Various styles, exquisite printing (4-6 colors) and wide range of uses
. Authoritative testing reports for raw paper and food wax
. Resister temperature 60℃

. Safty for using in microwave (3-5MIN)
. Safty for using in refrigerator
. Packing fruits, vegetables , meat
. Separating burger patties
. Wrapping sandwiches & desserts

4.Regular thickness: 33/35/40/50 Gsm.
5.Regular size and package:
Rolls: 300mm x 6m/ 7.6m/ 15m/ 23m, 135mmx75m, 450mm x 90m, other custom size.
1 roll put in color box with metal/plastic cutter, 8-24 rolls in corrugated carton.
Sheets: 300 x 300mm, 140 x 140mm, 152 x 152mm(USA), 250 x 218mm (Japan),
other custom size
500sheets packed by kraft paper, 4-8 packs in corrugated carton.
OEM available

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