What is the main ingredient of greaseproof paper?

What is the main ingredient of greaseproof paper?Is there a reliable guarantee to package food with greaseproof paper?


General greaseproof paper is the more commonly used packaging products in the eyes of most consumers, especially used as a food packaging level, such as snacks, baking paper, etc., but, what is the main ingredients of greaseproof paper?Is there a reliable guarantee to package food with greaseproof paper?Then next, Fulton will answer for you one by one!

First, in the general administration of national quality, inspection, inspection, food paper packaging, container and other products production license implementation rules, "food paper packaging" includes: non-hot sealing tea filter paper, hot sealing tea filter paper, chicken paper, food parchment, translucent paper, cellophane, food packaging paper (including wax paper, coated paper, etc.), food packaging cardboard (including lymphatic cardboard, white paper).

And often said in ordinary life of greaseproof paper belongs to the above which class is unknown, but greaseproof paper as snack paper, baking paper, its safety risks are often easy to be ignored, market wholesale sales of greaseproof paper is generally just a simple pile in a piece, packaging and enterprise products without any logo, health and safety cannot be guaranteed.

There are three kinds of greaseproof paper for baking on the market:

General oil-proof paper such as paper surface without greaseproof paper light, the applicable scope is baking bread, baking cakes, baking cookies mat under the ingredients, to maintain the baking sheet clean.

Many sellers call translucent paper greaseproof paper, also known as Grassin paper, oil light paper, wax light paper, the surface after super rolled light, the surface presents an oily luster.Its use method is basically the same as oil-proof paper, the biggest difference is not oil-proof, and its waterproof nature is not as good as oil-proof paper.

Food grade silicone greaseproof paper is coated with food grade silicone oil on translucent paper or oil-proof paper through special processes.Advantages of this kind of paper: the stripping degree is particularly good, the ingredients are not easy to stick to the paper, and it is resistant to super high temperature, but the price is more expensive than greaseproof paper and oil-proof paper.

After reading these, do you already know what are the main ingredients of greaseproof paper?Whether greaseproof paper packaging food has reliable guarantee these problems, Fulton as an greaseproof paper manufacturer, will continue to bring you more knowledge about kitchen supplies, we see you next time!