What paper is the safest use in an air fryer

What paper is the safest use in an air fryer, many people in the air fryer will put a piece of paper in the food, which can make the air fryer better clean, but also can make the taste of the food become better, we will hesitate when choosing paper.

Air fryer is used when it is best to choose to use air fryer oil paper paper pad, put the food into the air fryer special oil paper pad, and then put the air fryer in cooking not only can lock the moisture of the food, but also can prevent the food by high temperature scorched, so as to maintain the fresh and tender sense of food.

Air fryer paper support surface coated with silicon, improve the melting point of the paper, is not easy to be ignited.And the air fryer paper holder can prevent the food oil and seasoning from sticking to the inner wall of the air fryer and the bottom of the basket.It is also more convenient when cleaning the air fryer.A lot of food can not be put directly placed in the air fryer cooking, need to use a baking tray, if there is no baking tray, you can choose the air fryer paper holder.

Air fryer is a kind of heat machine through the heat pipe to produce heat air, and then blow the heat air to the pot to heat food heating machine, can use oil to achieve the effect of food frying, the blue inside is generally not coated with coating, can be directly cooking food.

But in order to clean the convenience, generally will pad air fryer paper or tin foil to use.Tinfoil or oil-absorbing paper can make the food is more evenly heated, lock the food moisture, prevent being scorched, but also can prevent the wall of the fryer and the bottom of the stone orchid paste food and sauce, easy to use after cleaning。