About Us
As an important role of food packaging field in the global market, Fulton is running a full-service operation with excellent production capacity to supply various types of food package paper products.
According to ISO 9001 and QS, BRC and SEDEX, we have built up our factory environment comparable to food production standards and the manufacturing process has accomplished world-class production automation. We have the largest silicon machine station and fully automatic processing lines.
0ur broad range of highly functional coated and uncoated paper products are designed for food packaging applications that require oil and grease resistance, high-temperature resistance,wet-strength ,being biodegradable and compostable.
We offer value-added services to every customer with an insightful management team who are practical, credible and patient.
With almost 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales industry, we have served a great number of customers around the world from New Zealand to Iceland, America to Russia. Fulton will provide ongoing services related to sales,marketing,technical support and consulting etc. Our commitment is to deliver the best products satisfying our customers all the time to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our products are a variety of papers for domestic and foreign markets, including greaseproof paper, food packaging paper, sandwich paper, hamburger paper, wax paper, silicone paper, baking paper, white kraft paper, tissue paper, paper cups and other paper products for daily use.