One of the handy kitchen gadgets: greased paper

Baking paper, to be precise, is silicone oiled paper, a kind of siliconized paper. For people who don't play baking, the most likely scene to see is a self-service barbecue restaurant. Place a sheet of white translucent paper on a baking sheet. The pan is not greased or sticky, which is very convenient. Extending the scene to the home, oil paper can also have multiple uses. These uses can be summed up in one word, anti-sticking.

The composition of silicone oil paper is coating liquid, silicone oil, and bottom paper. Among them, the varnish and resin in the coating liquid will volatilize at high temperature and produce harmful substances. Everyone should also be careful. Oiled paper is convenient, but for ingredients that require long-term high-temperature processing, it is best to choose traditional cooking utensils.