Baking Grilled Fish On Baking Paper

Features "grilled fish on paper" and baking methods

Features "grilled fish on paper"

In recent years, the local grilled fish markets are booming, and all the forms of grilled fish shops are all selling in full swing.Some people say that the rise of the grilled fish business model is not only due to its dining form and the cooked food taste "without borders", but also because this business model is relatively easy to standardize and quickly replicate.

Fish shop more open, the market competition becomes more fierce, therefore, the grilled fish shop in the way of grilled fish is also unique, you can see useful charcoal, oven baked, tile tank, stone, iron baked... and in the taste of grilled fish, is also desperate, like the more popular have spicy, spicy, spicy, cumin, garlic, ginger, pepper, pickled pepper, fresh pepper and other flavors, but the only constant is the use of professional oven paper to hold cooking ingredients.

In Chengdu's current variety of grilled fish roasting methods at present, the "grilled fish on paper" roasting method is novel and unique, with excellent taste, giving people a refreshing feeling.

Chinese restaurants have seen paper wrapped fish, paper hot pot, and Korean restaurants on paper barbecue, it is estimated that many readers have seen, and paper grilled fish, I am afraid that many people have not heard of, let alone experienced.

"Roast fish on paper" is the electric grilled fish —— through the following heating tube to the baking dish, oven paper wrapped ingredients, use it to bake fish, is naturally cleaner and hygienic.

"Roast fish on paper" usually has only three kinds of fish: grass fish, naked spot fish and Guizhou fish, which are spicy, pickled pepper and cumin. They are obviously designed to simplify the production process and help promote standardized operations.On that day, I watched the chef's baked naked fish flavored with pickled pepper.

The chef first slaughtered the naked spot fish and put it in a flavored water bowl made of onion, green pepper, celery, ginger, onion, garlic, dark soy sauce, salt and water. After soaking for several minutes, remove it on a baking dish and sprinkle it with a lot of minced garlic.Place the fish in the cage and steam until half cooked

Then, see the chef take the grilled fish special oven paper, fold it in half and spread it on the baking sheet, then add the steamed naked spot fish and sprinkle it with shredded onion.In addition, take the clean pot and put oil, scoop in the right amount of prefabricated pickled pepper sauce to fry, pour the fish on the plate, sprinkle with crispy peanuts, chopped scallion, coriander festival, cooked sesame and other small ingredients, and finally wrap the fish with paper (long package), together with the baking tray to the table