greaseproof paper

Grease-proof paper refers to paper that can prevent the absorption and penetration of grease. In a narrow sense, it refers to a type of paper made from bleached, semi-bleached or unbleached chemical wood pulp through high beating degree treatment. It also includes paper grades that can resist the penetration and absorption of grease produced by adding an oil repellent to the pulp or coating the surface. It is widely used in the packaging of hamburgers, baked bread, biscuits, and other foods and other oily items. Greaseproof paper can be put in the oven. If the greaseproof paper is used for baking, it is okay. The greaseproof paper is classified into grades, and the seven-level greaseproof effect is the best. Silicone greaseproof papers are all baking papers. Greaseproof paper is placed in the baking tray, and the paper cups of ordinary cupcakes are made of greaseproof paper. If the greaseproof paper is generally used for baking, it can withstand high temperatures.

Grease-proof paper is used in oven products for the following purposes: 1. Small cake cups 2. In the cake mold 3. The bottom of the biscuit is used as the inner liner of the baking tray 4. The extended knowledge of other oily objects baking: the main ingredient of the oven to make cakes 1. Two eggs Individual 2. Low-gluten flour 35g 3. Milk 25g 4. Vegetable oil (unflavored) 22g 5. Sugar 30g Accessories 1. A few drops of white vinegar (or lemon juice, tartar powder) 2. Cake paper cup (greaseproof paper) Production steps 1. Stir Put the pot on the electronic scale, add milk and vegetable oil (or olive oil and corn oil), mix well 2. Sift in low-gluten flour (or 28g ordinary flour plus 7g cornstarch), stir evenly 3. Add egg yolk and mix evenly 4. Preheat the oven and heat up and down at 165 degrees. 5. Whisk the egg whites, add a few drops of white vinegar (or lemon juice, 1g tartar powder), beat the egg whites at low speed with a whisk until coarsely foamed, add all the sugar, and whisk Continue to beat at high speed until small upright corners appear when you pick it up. 6. Mix one-third of the egg white and egg yolk paste evenly, then pour in the rest, and mix them all well. Finished in minutes 7. Pour the egg paper cup (greaseproof paper), drop it on the table a few times, shake out big bubbles, put it in the lower part of the oven for 25 minutes, turn off the fire for another two or three minutes. 8. After the oven is out, drop a few molds After the hot air is released, the button will be reversed quickly, and the mold will be released after cooling.